Affordable High Chair for Babies – IKEA ANTILOP

Affordable High Chair for Babies – IKEA ANTILOP

Our first son never had a high chair and there were no major issues with that. However, I remember all the times he had struggled to eat with us with his forehead at level with the table, and I thought that he really should have a high chair.


For my second son, as soon as he was old enough to sit and actually eat – I definitely said that we need a high chair. We looked around and got a cheap wooden one and was disappointed. The chair which was ok at the start shook after some time and ended up not being too sturdy. This was sad and disappointing on our part since it was a waste of money.

We then proceeded to get another chair and researched long and hard. The high chairs we liked were usually priced at 4k to 8k. We even saw a high chair at 14k from Mothercare which we liked, but it was way out of our budget.

Then we came across the Ikea Antilop High Chair with Tray.

At first I could not believe the price since it was really cheaper compared to the branded ones. We then looked for product reviews and saw only positive comments for this ‘cheaper’ alternative.

We then proceeded to buy from our favorite online stores and we got a great deal for this for less than 2k.


Assembling the chair was as easy as can be. The plastic was smooth and made of great quality. The seat was comfortable and the overall build was sturdy. Amazingly, the chair was very light as well, my wife could lift it with one arm (my wife is very strong though… ✌️).

Baby test: Yes our baby definitely loved the chair as well. There were also safety belts in place to make sure that your child is secure.

The Antilop High Chair was also very easy to clean. You can easily remove the tray and use a faucet/shower to directly wash food bits. No issues with food sticking since the material used was designed to be cleaned with ease.

Also note that the tray was just the right size and worked extremely well with suction plates. We had no problems sticking our suction plates on the surface.

All in all, this was a wonderful find for a very cheap price.

You can get your Ikea Antilop High Chair with Tray from Facebook stores Bears and Berries Manila and JZ Mommy&Baby Essentials.

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