Home Cleaning Service in Manila – Kid Friendly (Shi Kleens Mla)

Home Cleaning Service in Manila – Kid Friendly (Shi Kleens Mla)

I needed help with Home cleaning.

When you have kids, then it is a given that you should have a clean home. With me and my wife both working, it meant that we really did not have much time to really do hard-core home cleaning. Even if we do the occasional sweeping and disinfecting using normal household tools, we knew that there are just areas in our home filled with dirt and bacteria that we cannot simply see.

Our son usually woke up to sniffles as well, and I recently got pimples. This led me to believe that our beds may be ridden with bacteria due to moisture from sweat. I was really convinced that I should get a professional cleaner ASAP.

I then opted to look for the best home cleaning services near me. Of course, when it comes to house cleaning services, I needed to consider several factors such as reviews, cost, and quality.

After doing much research I saw that there were tons of providers that offered house cleaning services in Manila. I then immediately looked for condo cleaning services that were particularly focused on cleaning houses with Kids.

I then saw several posts about Shi Kleens Mnl cleaning services and was immediately impressed due to their photo’s and reviews.

I immediately contacted their Instagram page at @shikleensmnl and asked if they were really offering home cleaning services that was safe for kids. They immediately confirmed that they were used to home cleaning services with toddlers in mind and can deliver good and efficient services. They were also aware of COVID related protocols and guaranteed that I and my family will be safe. We discussed pricing and agreed on a schedule.

Cleaning day.

I was really impressed when I met our cleaners.

They were really professional and met me in a polite and respectable manner.

We then talked about the cleaning agenda for the day, they will work on our couch, our bed, and my car. They then informed me that prior to working they had temperature checks and were also vaccinated for COVID. They will also work in PPE suits for the duration of their stay which was to protect both parties.

Free PPE for your safety.

What were the results?

The transaction was smooth and painless. I also saw how dedicated they were in regard to cleaning since they really took notice of every nook and cranny. They took pride in what they were doing and I felt so relieved that I was able to choose Shi Kleens Mnl amidst all the available cleaning services.

Bed Cleaning.
Results from our Bed, very very dirty.

I also did my research and found out that the owner was a mom who built her business with kids in mind. The name “Shi Kleens” is a wordplay coined from “She Cleans”, and “Shi” which was the name of the owner. I was really happy to get quality services from a fellow parent who knows that our kids deserve the best when it comes to cleaning.

I truly recommend Shi Kleens Mnl as part opf my #supportlocalforkids campaign.

For hassle-free cleaning services, feel free to contact: Shi Kleens Mnl

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  1. Ivan Jose

    I definitely need to hire Shi Kleens Manila for our house, too. My kids and I have been having allergic rhinitis attacks lately, we need some major home clean up. Thanks for recommending them, I think they’re the best home cleaning service for kids in Metro Manila.

  2. Moira Tablada

    Will simply recommend Shi Kleens Manila to our relatives in pasay! Cleaning services that are safe for children are very rare so will definitely book for this one!

  3. Moira

    Wow! Safe na cleaning services for the kids, very rare to! Will for sure recommend this sa relatives ko sa pasay!

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