Bamboo Plates and why I love them

Bamboo Plates and why I love them

As my son approached his 6th month, my wife opted to find a good plate for him to use. We went to a local department store and looked at the usual baby plates. My wife and I found a cute ceramic type of baby plate which we thought should suffice. Little did we realize back then that ceramics and babies do not mix. What we ended up with was a broken plate and a lot of broken shards to clean.

What is a good plate for babies?

We then looked at baby groups and plastic plates were not really encouraged. So the next suggestion we considered was silicon plates with suction bottoms. The purpose will be that the plates will stick and your baby can eat peacefully.

We got a silicone plate and it worked fine at first, but after some time the smell of the food sticks to the plate no matter how we clean it. The suction also was not that good and with some effort, the suction came lose. We then thought of getting the branded expensive silicone plates and almost bought these when we discovered baby plates made of bamboo.

Why I love bamboo plates.

These beautifully crafted bamboo plates are 100% made from natural bamboo. This means that no chemicals were used to create them, and it is 100% eco-friendly. The plates are divided into different sections where food can be easily placed. The bamboo plate has a smooth finish with a glossy shine. There are also several cute kiddie designs to choose from with makes mealtimes an interesting experience for the kids as well.

But the best part is that it had a suction at the bottom which was really really strong. We tested it with our baby and he was unable to move the plate at full baby strength. This will easily stick to smooth, non-porous surfaces such as plastic, tile, glass, fiberglass or metals.

We shopped around online sources and found the best deal at Bamboo Bamboo Diary ph. We contacted the seller who immediately answered our queries and had the design we wanted. After ordering we got our item in a few days.

As of now, we are extremely happy with the purchase. Our son loved the plate design, and we loved the idea that this cannot break. Since the plate was also made of bamboo then the taste and smell of the food will not be affected. I am also sure that no chemicals are mixed in the meals. It was truly a win-win for all of us.


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