Best Ube Pandesal with Cheese in Manila for Kids

Best Ube Pandesal with Cheese in Manila for Kids

Photos grabbed from @lawyermommacooks

When looking for the ‘best’ ube cheese pandesal in the metro, we can’t really say which is the top one. Taste is really relative to the person eating and are so many delectable ube pandesals out in the market as well.

However, my continued advocacy of helping dads and moms find kid-friendly products finally led me to the ube pandesal craze. After trying lots of pandesals, I found a good one for children.


The ube cheese pandesal by Lawyer Momma Cooks is guaranteed to be 100% kid-friendly. The recipe does not have too much sugar, and no preservatives were added. These pandesals only have two-days shelf life since genuine and fresh ube halaya was used.


The first thought I had when I tried these tasty treats was the amazing texture of the bread. The softness and fluffiness was not the usual ‘pandesal type’ composition I was used to. It is the type of bread that when you press it, rises back up. However, regardless of how fluffy it was, it was not filled with air and had a nice consistency.

Filled with the right amount of ube and cheese.

If I were to describe how it tastes in one word, I will use the word – “wonderful”. One bite and I immediately was able to savor the sweetness of the ube which complemented with the strong taste of cheese.

The cheese and ube, plus the cloud-like bread, all blended together in sweet harmony as they danced on my taste-buds. It was truly the perfect ube pandesal experience for me.


I guess this picture sums it all up. My son absolutely loved the ube cheese pandesal from Lawyer Momma Cooks. At first, I was even apprehensive, because something that tastes so good may not be kid-friendly. This is why I reached out to the owner and asked for feedback on their ingredients. The owner reassured me that this was definitely a kid-safe recipe, and she lets her kids eat this same product.

It just took us one afternoon to finish one whole pack of 10 pcs.

So if you are looking for the best ube baked pandesal for your kids, I will definitely recommend Lawyer Momma Cooks. The taste, the ingredients used, and the overall experience is truly something that your kids will love.

You can order from their Instagram page @lawyermommacooks

Note: Not a paid post, and pictures were grabbed from their IG.

#supportlocalforkids is my own personal review of local and kid-friendly products in the metro. All opinions expressed are unbiased and my own. You may check out the hashtag #supportlocalforkids on Facebook and IG.

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