A Dad supporting Breastfeeding – the Mother Nurture way

A Dad supporting Breastfeeding – the Mother Nurture way

Ever since my wife started her breastfeeding journey a usual product we always had was Mother Nurture Coffee. This coffee is proudly known by Moms as the first Lactation Coffee in the Philippines.

As the ever-supportive modern Dad, I always accompanied my wife to mom expos, conventions, baby fairs, (and I was usually bored out of my skull).

In these fairs, my wife always looks for Mother Nurture Coffee and always attempts to get the best price. As I go through this process, It was then that I saw how many mommies look for the ‘Mother Nurture brand’.

Breastfeeding mothers sacrifice so much to make sure that they take care of their kids. Coffee is one of those so-called sacrifices since caffeine may have effects on unborn babies. Mother Nurture coffees are made from 100% safe ingredients for pregnant moms. It also has malunggay which helps lactating mothers produce milk. It was a really good idea by Lan Perez, a mompreneur with a cool backstory on how she invented these products.

Buying Mother Nurture coffees also help local farmers (fellow Dads 😌) as well. These coffees are also a good sideline since these are open to resellers.

Lastly, the taste was really good. This was a good coffee experience plus all the health benefits. For those guys who practice low-carb no sugar diets, this stevia infused drink is perfect for you.

Trying out Mother Nurture Coffee. It is healthy for us guys too!

While I don’t really see myself changing my ‘barako coffee’ blend habits, I will wholeheartedly support my wife in her breastfeeding endeavors. We as dads should consider setting aside budget to support the breastfeeding needs of our spouses. Let us “Nurture” the Mothers of our homes.


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