Longganisa for Kids – Healthy and Kid Friendly.

Longganisa for Kids – Healthy and Kid Friendly.

Homemade longganisa for kids

I remember those mornings when I was a kid and I would wake up to the wonderful smell of my grandmother making breakfast. Those mornings were always interesting since I usually tried to guess what was cooking as I lay on my bedsheets.

Longganisa is a favorite Pinoy breakfast of mine (as well as for most Filipinos). What I always looked forward to was the longganisa and garlic fried rice tandem. As many of you know, this combination was indeed a match made in heaven. The seasoned meat of the longganisa complemented the strong and garlicky taste of fried rice. Top it off with salted eggs and tomatoes, and you get a feast fit for kings.

Now that I have my own family, my passion for longganisa’s never wavered. But still, we rarely bought this Spanish influenced dish simply because it was not that healthy for kids. It is not a secret that longganisa’s are known to be fatty, salty, and filled with food coloring and preservatives.

I wanted to keep my kids diets as healthy as possible, and this discouraged me from buying this porky favorite of mine. This is why sometimes, I walk through meat shops just to stare at the hanging racks of longganisa with different flavors, and walk away sadly.

Discovering a Kid-Friendly Longganisa


With my continued advocacy of helping parents find kid-friendly local products, I then proceeded to focus on finding the perfect longganisa for children.

After searching online and having interviews with several shop owners, I chanced upon a photo of a child eating garlic longganisa.

My curiosity got piqued and I immediately contacted the owner and asked my classic question of “is this really good for kids?”.

Guaranteed Kid-Friendly Longganisa

Driod’s best was the name of the store and they sold home made longganisa. The owner, Ms. Len, took to heart the goal of creating quality meats that would be ok for her kids to eat as well.

Driod’s Best Garlic Longganisa is homemade with fresh meats and natural ingredients. No preservatives, coloring, and sweets were added. Their meat products were created for children, for the health-conscious, and for those who are practicing Keto.

The aim of the owner is to bring joy to every family’s table which is why every product is personally prepared. Driod’s Best Home Made Meat Products have a wide range of breakfast dishes like – Tapa, Tocinos, and Chicken Longganisa’s that are all guaranteed to be healthy.

How was the taste?

The taste for something healthy was quite superb. As I bit through my first longganisa, memories of my childhood days when my lola used to cook flooded my thoughts. The meat was tender and filled with flavorful garlic. The salt was minimal and you can taste the actual meat with no extenders.
This was not the run-of-the-mill longganisa that you will find in your usual deli-shops or market. It was meat made with love.

Note that since these longganisa’s are personally prepared as well, you can actually ask the owner to “customize” your orders. You can make it saltier, a bit sweeter, or even spicy. The option to adjust the taste is one cool factor in itself.

Will kids eat it?

I think this picture will sum it all up.

You can order from Driods Best Home Made Meat products from Facebook. Tell them that you got the information from “papajomsi” and they will give you a discount.

Lets create healthy eating habits for our kids.

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