Loving local Coffee in the Philippines

Loving local Coffee in the Philippines

Move over over-hyped coffee brands, this is the best local brand for me.

When I say that it’s the best local coffee I have tasted, I mean this not just in terms of taste, but in terms of what they stand for.

So many large scale companies have dominated the coffee industry in the Philippines and many local farmers have not been given that much attention. This is where Katutubo Kape comes into the picture.

How is it different?

Katutubo Kape is 100% freshly ground locally produced coffee. By supporting their business, you in turn are supporting indigenous local farmers in the Philippines.

Not only do you get to taste a heartwarming local Filipino treat, but you also get to help your fellow countrymen as well. Millions of coffee farmers struggle to make enough to live on or to support their families, helping out in your own way by catering to local coffee products is a must.

How about the taste?

Have you tried local Barako coffee from Batangas? Katutubo Kape has the same flair and flavor. It has a strong kick and unique balanced bitterness that you can only get from local Filipino coffee. This is one bold flavored coffee that us Daddies will surely love.

Every morning, as our time-tested coffee maker brews Katutubo Kape’s ground beans, the amazing smell of coffee fills the air. It is one of those scents that will surely invigorate you as you go through your day of work.

As a certified coffee lover, I can guarantee that every cup of Katutubo Kape is a delightful experience. Perfect for dads and moms alike!

To order check out their Facebook page: Katutubo Kape

Check-out their Instagram: @katutubokape

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