Portable Essential Oils for Kids – “Oilyxir”

Portable Essential Oils for Kids – “Oilyxir”

I have always been a fan of essential oils. I love how different smells can boost moods and trigger the senses.

Sometimes, I would go for the smell of Roses which gives me a passionate and warm feeling. Other times, I would stick to my favorite Lavender which as I breathe in, feels like invisible vaporous hands massaging my head lulling me to sleep.

The different smells and vapors of essential oils trigger pure feelings, emotion, and euphoria – this is somewhat similar to how I feel about the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

While I am not an expert when it comes to oils nor can I state a scientific health claim for them, all I know is that it works for me.

But one bothersome thing about essential oils is the preparation. I get the oil, I get the essential oil diffuser. I then mix the oils together, plug the gadget in and wait for the scent to circulate. While this is the norm, its really not ideal for me who has two active kids.

My kids usually trip over the oil diffuser, or play with it which leads to small messes that I have to clean up as well.

Good thing I stumbled upon Oilyxir which had a brilliant concept! These are basically handy, portable, ready to use essential oils in a bottle.

When I tried one of these, I was amazed because you can use these oils in mere seconds.


What I also like about Oilyxir is that they have blends that are kid friendly and beneficial. They have a “calm kiddo” scent that makes children relax and perfect before putting them to sleep. Another favorite of mine is their “focus blend” which is said to improve concentration.

What I personally use is the “allergic rhinitis” blend since I am prone to allergies. Before I sneeze up a storm, this blend calms my sinuses down.

However, do note that these essential oils in a bottle is not meant to replace essential oil diffusers. Think of them as a quick fix that you can immediately use. No way will these mini bottles make your whole room smell nice as well. The scents also do not last through the night unlike the usual oils in diffusers.

Oilyxirs are practical, kid friendly, and are amazing if you want to have a quick scent fix. Perfect before going to bed, before studying, and before starting work.

You can check out Oilyxir on Facebook and Instagram @oilyxirblends.ph

NOTE: Essential oils do not work for everyone. Some people will not even see any effects from these oils. Please make sure you consult with a doctor or stop if you have allergic reactions.

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