Being Faithful and Happy as a Daddy

Being Faithful and Happy as a Daddy

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Why are men notorious for being unfaithful?  Is it the stereotypical environment?  Is it the macho dominated mindset?  Oftentimes family men already have good relationships that they ruin because of the sweet talkers and the flirts around.

We can deny it, but most men are polygamous by nature. We were biologically designed to reproduce and be attracted physically to those we deem that we want. I am not saying that women do not have these problems as well, but it is really just more prevalent in men.

So as Men how do we continue to be faithful and avoid temptations?

1) Watch how deep your friendships will be
People with families or are in serious relationships should act accordingly.  If you are committed, then stop acting as if you were single. Make the office relationships professional, and not too personal. Make friends but make sure that you’re not “too” friendly. Focus on your work — and get tempted less.

2) Stay away from Flirts
If someone still pursues you when it’s clear that you are already in a relationship — then that someone is a flirt, so stay away.

Do not give in to the gifts, the sweet words, the skimpy skirts/tight pants.  Chances are they are just dong it for the thrill of pursuing someone committed.  People like that have no respect for themselves, and people who do not respect themselves do not respect others.

Do not even think that a slut will change once you become a couple.  If these people really wanted to change, they would pursue someone who was single and available, not a committed person. Do not throw away your relationship for these types of people.

3) Don’t be tempted by appearances
Some people really do their best to look good to tempt or snatch away the next best catch they see. They put up a front of affluence and beauty.  They make you think that they are the real catches and they give you a “where were you all my life” aura.

Do not be tempted into thinking that your wife/husband/current GF or BF, is someone less than those who have flashy accents, high end cell-phones, and designer clothes. Learn to focus on the years you have been together and all the good they have done for you.

People serious with relationships are practical since they are planning to have a good future with you.

4) Believe in the power of Karma

If you are committed and you still sleep with whoever — then be afraid…be very afraid of…the power of KARMA!

Fate cannot be mocked, you will reap whatever you sow. With every hurt and tear that your partner sheds, it will come back to you. I remember some men who grew up old and alone simply because they chose to turn their backs on their families and wives. 

So rather than feel the negative wrath of the universe, just be faithful.

5) Stop the Fantasy of What if’s

Stop thinking that the other person may be better.

Rather than magnify the faults of your partner, try to magnify their strengths.  It is always better try to fix a relationship first, rather than look for greener pastures.

My take on this is that some relationships are really toxic and some were not meant to work out. If you honestly did your best and it still fails, then you should break-up first.  ONLY THEN when you are single should you start looking for another.

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