My Story

I realized is that it is easy to be a dad, but it’s hard to be a good one.  We have to work, provide, be faithful partners, and just be overall awesome in every way, every day. 

Dadhood has also become complicated nowadays because we are now supposed to be “modern daddies”, meaning – gone are the days where dads are meant to just provide.  As fathers, we should interact with our Families more, be more involved with kids, be more understanding, and communicate more.   

So part of my mission is to find the most practical items, efficient methods of raising a family, ways to earn a good income, having side ‘gigs’ and sidelines, and overall things that help us “papas”.

I have been blogging for years, and I created this page to show how I stumble through this Fatherhood/Parenting stuff. I haven’t really totally figured it out yet (like most Dads), and I want to at least have some sort of journal on how I do things.

I am a typical Filipino Dad – and this page is for fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. Let me share with you guys, and let me learn from you as well.